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New South African Kit

New South African Kit!

Posted by Matt Illman on 17/02/2018

You may have noticed that we kind of dig South African wine here at The Wine Reserve. You may have thought to yourself, "wow, those guys have...

Autumn at The Wine Reserve

Posted by Matt Illman on 21/10/2017

The nights are drawing in, it's getting a little bit colder out there and we've finally taken down the Rosé display in store. We and you...

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South Africa Month part 2

Posted by Tim Walker on 28/09/2017

There's not long left in September, but that doesn't mean we've stopped caring about South African wine just yet, to be honest we will probably...

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South Africa Month

Posted by Tim Walker on 23/09/2017

Exciting things have been afoot in South Africa during the last few years and right now, we believe it's the most exciting wine producing...

The Rheingau
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The Rheingau and Other German Delights

Posted by Carol Edwards on 30/09/2016

Before arriving in Rheingau, my expectations were that the scenery would be beautiful, the air would be crisp and cool and that I would find...

Understanding German Wines
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Understanding German Wine

Posted by Carol Edwards on 29/09/2016 ...

Tim's top ten wine, spirits and genuine craft beers
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Tim's Top Ten

Posted by Tim Walker on 16/09/2016

Tim Walker is our tasting guru, spending his days tasting so you can just enjoy!  Fresh from his summer holiday and a round of industry wine...

Wine Storage Tips
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Carol's Tips for Wine Storage

Posted by Carol Edwards on 01/09/2016

I often get asked questions about how to store wine so I thought I’d put together my top tips for you.  There are some basic dos and don'ts...

Where Should Carol Travel Next?
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Where Next for Carol?

Posted by Carol Edwards on 01/07/2016

Visiting wine regions is both a professional and personal pastime and is definitely a perk of the job!. Even though the methodology of winemaking...

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