Locally sourced gin

Three bottles of Sherlock & Sons gin with pink, blue and green labels

Matt is our spirits expert and he introduces us to two new arrivals to the store from the Sherlock & Sons collection. Perfect for gin lovers everywhere.

Quintessentially English and launched by seasoned Head Distiller Simon Sherlock, Distillers Of Surrey is an artisan small batch distillery where craftsmanship is at the heart of the process with unparalleled quality and a passion for producing spirits with distinction. Here at The Wine Reserve we are proud to source locally where we can and having a gin from neighbouring Ripley is about as local as it gets!

Solstice Edition, 70cl

Eight delicately balanced botanicals inspired by the English summer form this fresh and intriguing London Dry Gin. Poised at 42% ABV, the Solstice Edition has a traditional Juniper body, floral notes of Elderflower, paired with zesty Pink Grapefruit. Perfect to serve with plenty of ice, premium tonic and a twist of Pink Grapefruit peel to garnish too.

Nautical Edition, 70cl

With a polite nod to the naval heritage of Ripley, they created the Nautical Edition. Nine botanicals were carefully selected to form this 57% ABV/100 proof London Dry Gin. Featuring a Juniper-forward aroma, complimented by the delicate notes of Angelica seed and zesty Lime.

This too is perfect served with plenty of ice, premium tonic and a twist of Lime peel to garnish.

Great to be able to say that they are locally sourced, so if gin is your thing pop in and give it a try.