Top Ten Summer Drinks

Jug and glass filled with sparkling drink and fruit on a rug on the grass

We often get asked what are the best drinks to serve at social occasions and we love to talk about our favourites or make recommendations based on your personal preferences.

Now that the sun is really shining down and the temperatures are getting barmy. This calls for picnics, barbecues and garden parties. We love to socialise with friends and enjoy a cooling tipple or two whilst indulging in our favourite foods.

So, we have put together our Top 10 favourite drinks to enjoy outside in the warmer weather. Just don't forget the sun cream!

  1. Wine Spritzers: Light and refreshing, wine spritzers are made by combining white or rosé wine with sparkling water or soda. Make your own ice cubes packed with fruit and herbs for a fun twist that helps to keep your spritzers chilled without diluting the flavour. Try frozen balls of melon, peach slices or even pop a raspberry in an ice cube before freezing. Mint and basil also work well and provide a refreshing burst of flavour. There are no rules, just make it up and see what works for you.

  2. Margarita: This classic tequila-based cocktail is perfect for a summer party. Serve it on the rocks or blended with ice for a refreshing treat. Try Tapatio Blanco Tequila which is perfect for making this classic cocktail.

  3. Mojito: Cool and minty, the mojito is a popular choice for outdoor gatherings. It typically includes rum, lime juice, mint, sugar, and soda water. Try Venezualan Diplomatico Planas, refined and smooth.

  4. Sangria: A fruity and flavourful option, sangria is a crowd favourite. You can make red or white sangria with a combination of fruits and wine. For an authentic Spanish taste try our Tempranillos such as Senorio de Amezola Reserva Rioja 2015 or how about Garnacha? We just love the L'Expressio del Priorat 2020 for its dominating fruity flavour.

  5. Gin and Tonic: A classic and simple option, gin and tonic is a refreshing drink made with gin, tonic water, and a squeeze of lime. If you want something a bit more unique, we sell a large range of small batch gins that can be combined with a whole range of fruits and herbs to offer something different. The Silent Pool Citrus Gin is great for those with a zesty palate, or Thundry Hills Pear and Mango perfect for a warm evening.

  6. Refreshing Cider: Bursting with fruity flavors and a hint of bubbly excitement. Traditionally made with apples (or pears) it's a firm favourite here when the sun starts to shine. Why not try the Ramborn Garden Quince Cider, hailing from Luxembourg we thinks it's definitely one to shout about!

  7. Piña Colada: A tropical and creamy cocktail, piña colada combines rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. Blended with ice, it's a refreshing treat and just shouts summer time, lounging beside a pool. If you want a rum to enjoy without the extras, we think the Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Barbados Rum really hits the spot.

  8. Moscow Mule: Traditionally served in a copper mug, the Moscow Mule is a vodka-based cocktail blended with ginger beer and lime juice, providing a spicy and zesty flavour.

  9. Daiquiri: This rum-based cocktail can be made in various flavours, such as strawberry, banana, or lime. It's a fruity and tropical choice for a garden party. We like to use the TBRC Signature Blend No 1 Bright Grass for the base.

  10. Craft Beer: A staple at barbecues, our locally sourced and continental beers offer a wide range of options to suit different tastes. Tim has been busy sourcing some truly delicious varieties, such as Cloudwater Helles Lager.