Cocchi Americano Bianco Aperitivo

Cocchi Americano Blanco
Tasting Notes: 
Cocchi Americano is an aromatized wine created in 1891 by Giulio Cocchi and since produced to the original recipe. The name “Americano” is due to the alcohol made bitter (“amaricato”) by the addition of herbs and spices in particular gentian flowers and leaves, Artemisia, Cinchona, bitter orange peel, elderflower and others. The Spritz Americano version combines Cocchi Americano, white grapefruit juice and Prosecco the glass is filled with chopped-up ice, making a perfect refreshing drink. The naturally bitter note of Americano is not lost even when abundantly diluted. In mixology, Cocchi Americano is exceptionally versatile for classic cocktails such as Vesper Martini, Corpse Reviver #2, White Negroni, as amodifier or as a base for the aromatizing infusions. Particularly successful with spirits such as gin, vodka and mezcal.

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Vermouth & Fortified
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£23.99 single bottle
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