Salcombe Whitestrand Spiced Rum

Salcombe Whitestrand Spiced Rum bottle
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Salcombe Rum ‘Whitestrand’ has been lovingly crafted in very small batches of 80-90 bottles. With gently fermented first-rate molasses, unrefined sugar and a blend of yeasts it is twice distilled for smoothness on traditional 60 litre hand beaten copper pot stills with a careful selection of botanicals and spices included in the second distillation. Unlike most rums, Salcombe Rum has no sugar added after distillation, and the result is an exceptionally sophisticated rum with an outstanding balance and spectrum of flavour.

This rum is beautifully smooth and fresh with a gently spiced finish. A crisp lime citrus nose is complemented by flavours of apricot, banana and long pepper with underlying subtle hints of coconut.

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£40.99 single bottle
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