Silent Pool Green Man Woodland Gin

Green Man Gin
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Silent Pool have produced the NEW Green Man Woodland Gin, world`s first spirit to be packaged in a cardboard bottle. Not world saving by itself, we admit. But if we`re going to do what`s right by the earth, we figured we`d do it right here, where we live, in Britain`s most wooded county. Lightweight, carbon-friendly and 100% recyclable. The cardboard bottle is made from 94% recycled paper, uses 77% less plastic, is 5 times lighter and has a carbon footprint 6 times lower than a glass bottle. Inspired by the forests of Surrey. Enjoy top notes of fresh pine, birch leaf and fir which give way to a herbal mid-palate of rose hips and apple with a woody, rooty finish. 

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£29.99 single bottle
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