Tarquins Brilliant British Blackberry Gin

Tarquins Brilliant British Blackberry Gin
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At the heart of the distillation process are three 200 litre copper pot stills – Tamara, Senara and Ferarra. These stills are heated using a direct naked-flame and even sealed with bread dough. This is true Cornish analogue distilling. Tarquin’s British Blackberry Gin uses the award-winning, 12 botanical recipe of Tarquin`s Cornish Gin as its base, and then lovingly infuses with the best and most brilliant British berries around. A touch of local Cornish Wildflower Honey is finally added for balance and subtle sweetness before each bottle is hand-filled, sealed, labelled, signed and given individual batch tasting notes. When Tarquin puts “handcrafted in Cornwall” on his bottle, he really does mean it.

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£38.99 single bottle
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