Grapes on the vine

Pinot Noir Variations

Sunday, 31 Jan 2021

Let’s get to know the charismatic, enigmatic, captivating, beguiling grape that is the utterly demanding Pinot Noir. Rebecca will lead us in an exploration into its whys, wherefores and comfort zone. What climate is preferable? When will it dain to bud? How will it stay safe and how reliably can it ripen, how can it be pleased? How does it like to be treated in the winery? Who are its cousins, aunts and uncles and pretenders?

Chef JC will create a fun and optional Cookalong Menu for you to enjoy with the wine selection.

When you purchase a ticket you will receive an exclusive 10% discount off the mixed case.

Ticket price: £25

To book your ticket please contact Rebecca Lamont directly.

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