Albarino De Albarei 2022

Albarino De Albarei

CA599A / 75cl

Very fashionable dry white wine that has secured an international demand (having `been seen` in Madrid`s Tapas Bars in the 90`s.) Not unlike a chablis in style it has a lively freshness and dry minerality with a creamy finish. The Albariño grape variety thrives on its cool coastal location and produces fresh elegant wines with a captivating floral bouquet and peach flavours. It is believed that Albariño is a distant relative to the Riesling grape with which it shares a fresh racy acidity.

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£18.49 single bottle
  • Albariño
The bunches are sorted to reject any unripe or rotten grapes. They are then destemmed and the berries pressed to obtain the juice. The juice is then cooled and put into vats so that it can settle. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats for 10 days, at tempratures between 15c and 18c. When fermentation is completed the wine is separated from its fine lees, and filtered before bottling.