Tim Walker of The Wine Reserve

I've tasted all the crap so you don't have to!

Tim has been in the wine trade for over 30 years, man and boy.  He loves discovering new wines that have something to say... wines with character, personality and a sense of place. Same goes for beers. "Why drink ordinary when there's so much that is extraordinary out there to engage with".  He loves to share these with The Wine Reserve’s lovely customers.

Tim believes there is a right and wrong in wine (sort of) and sees it as his job to pass on his experience to people seeking advice on wine in a non-stuffy way. It's what he does for a living - he's been at it long enough!  He’s a lucky man in that he rarely drinks the same wine twice, as he’s so busy tasting the latest samples of the latest vintages from all over the world.

Tim has been with The Wine Reserve since its start and then joined up with Carol to buy the business in 2015. For Tim, wine is fun and he likes to think that he and Carol work in the leisure industry! He likes the good karma he and Carol have running The Wine Reserve and claims that she is the nice one in the partnership!

It goes without saying that Tim is passionate about wine and beer.  His favourite wine varietal, if seriously pushed to name one, is Pinot Noir and his favourite beer is Rodenbach Grand Cru. He also loves German Riesling in all its guises and has a soft spot for Champagne.  He is Leicester born and bred so Leicester FC is an obsession!  If you’ve been in the store, you know about getting him started on music and films. An hour later, you will have learned that his favourite film is Taxi Driver, his favourite musician is Jeff Beck and his favourite group is Weather Report. His greatest passion is his family – his two beautiful kids and his lovely Brazilian wife who keeps him in line!